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Get to know Paige

Growing up in Christiansburg, Virginia; Paige started early in life being

an active child. She played basketball and soccer at a young age, and as


she moved into high school she migrated into the marching band


playing the flute and baritone. She spent a lot of time in Springfield and


Yellow Springs, Ohio with both sides of her family. Paige began tattooing


in 2015 where she met Cassi 2 years into her career and eventually


joined her at Mischief Ink Tattoo! Paige eventually would  like to pursue


cosmetic tattooing to go along with her current career. Paige is inspired


to tattoo by the feeling of people trusting her to put her artwork


permanently on their bodies.  She would also like to pursue her dreams


of fostering dogs with her soon to be husband and one day guest spot in Japan. 

Paiges hobbies include knitting, collecting Pokemon cards, doing crafts, watching anime and collecting squishmallows. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her Shiba Inus, eating plenty of Japanese food, drawing (when she's not drawing for clients) and watching Cinderella. 

Hogwarts House : Slytherin

Patronus : Black bird

Wand: Maple Wood with a phoenix feather core, 12.5" 

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