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Get to know Dom

Born in September 1995, in Canandaigua, New York; staying put was not in the stars for Dom. He moved around a lot with his mother and two sisters, going to over 10 different schools and learning a lot along the way. He played soccer growing up but developed a love for outdoor activities and skateboarding. Dom has mentioned that if he had a superpower he would be invisible to stay low key.


Dom started tattooing in 2016 where he met Cassi. He moved to Oregon three years later but Cassi had mentioned him coming to work at Mischief Ink and the rest is history. 

Dom says money is the motive when it comes to daily life, but he's always ready to hit that next checkpoint in his career and ready to learn. With his motivation he hopes to see himself living comfortably and taking the occasional vacation and traveling to tattoo in the future.  This young man is a very busy and active wizard, but if spare time is available you can catch him skateboarding, playing video games or just relaxing.

Dom's favorite style of tattooing is black and grey but is willing to tackle anything thrown at him. His Hobbies include tattooing, drawing, skateboarding and making money.

Hogwarts House : Ravenclaw 

Patronus : Dragonfly

Wand : Cypress wood with a unicorn hair core 12 1/4"

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