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Get to know Eli

Eli was born in Marlinton, West Virginia in April of 1994 but grew up in Bedford County. He was a soccer player growing up and overall a super outdoorsy, nerdy kid.

Eli started tattooing in 2014 and felt it gave him a sense of purpose and direction that nothing else had in the past, and he’s just ran with it since! He said tattooing, for him, is a sense of expression and something to where an artist can leave a little of themselves in every piece. He added that it’s always a personal experience, and there’s always a feeling of achievement on both sides as the tattoo comes to an end.


Eli’s favorite things to tattoo are black and grey realism (preferably horror and portraiture) and full color (preferably silly) neo-traditional.

Eli’s goals in life are to further his art in tattooing and crafting to be the best it can be. He also wants to set himself up financially so that he can leave something for his kids and grandkids so they have a chance at the best future they can have.

Eli stays motivated in tattooing because each one teaches him something different, and he loves figuring out how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make a tattoo the best possible.


He was drawn to Mischief Ink because of the laid back atmosphere and good hearted folks (we’re blushing ) as well as being a higher caliber shop, he feels it will push him to be a better artist. His hobbies include playing the banjo , working on motorcycles , collecting gnomes and Grateful Dead paraphernalia, and causing a ruckus (we think we might like that most ). In his free time, he spends most of his time with his family, tinkering on the bike or the banjo, and being an octopus (we’ll keep you posted on what that means once we find out ). In the future, Eli sees himself sitting on a cabin porch, picking his banjo with his fiancé and daughter, and just listening to the breeze. He said if he could have one superpower, it would be being able to grant wishes because he feels like Aladdin sometimes.

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