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Get to know Justin

Justin was born in Fort Worth, TX. He lived in a few different states growing up, but has spent the majority of his life between Salem and Roanoke. Justin played lacrosse growing up and says his childhood was best summed up as a latch-key skater kid that grew up quick and learned stuff the hard way, but still says it was fun! He currently resides in New Castle now with his fiancée, Tiffany, and their 7 month old daughter, Victoria. He also shares custody of his 6 year old son, Jerry, and 9 year old daughter, Mandolin. Justin and family also have 3 cats, and chickens!

Justin’s goals in life are to raise happy, healthy, kind, and respectful children, laughing as much as possible, and making people smile! He sees himself one day opening a shop in The Outer Banks! Justin says if he could have one superpower he would choose the ability to breathe underwater! He loves the ocean and says he was a pirate in another life time His hobbies are honing his art skills and riding his ‘92 Harley Dyna (when she's working) or fishing in what spare time he has!

Justin started tattooing as an apprentice in September 2020, and is the newest addition to the Mischief Ink crew as of August 2021. He was introduced to Mischief Ink by a mutual friend and says he immediately knew he was home! Justin started tattooing because he wanted to learn a trade and combine his love for art and tattoos into a career! His favorite style of tattooing is American Traditional (RIP Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins 1911-1973). To Justin, tattooing means making people more comfortable/happy in their skin. It could be the smallest/ simplest tattoo, but it could mean the world to the person wearing it. His motivation comes from his family, he wants to make them proud and provide for them by learning to make high-quality tattoos!

House: Ravenclaw

Patronus: Dragonfly

Wand: Larch

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